Where our members work

NSWP’s members are local, national and regional sex worker organisations and networks, across five regions: Africa; Asia and the Pacific; Europe (including Eastern Europe and Central Asia); Latin America and North America and the Caribbean. Members in each region elect two representatives to the NSWP Board of Directors.

All member organisations are required to endorse NSWP’s core values and the Consensus Statement on Sex Work, Human Rights, and the Law. Only sex worker-led organisations and networks have voting rights.

NSWP members are from diverse cultures and have different experiences and organisational histories. Most are independent sex worker-led organisations, some are informal groups of sex workers within larger organisations and some are non-governmental organisations who support sex workers rights. Some member organisations provide services, some focus on advocacy, some on mobilising to reduce vulnerability – all work on human rights issues that affect the health and well-being of sex workers.

You can find our members through the regional pages or by clicking on the red umbrellas on the map.

Note: For both safety and security NSWP does not identify which members are sex worker-led on our website, and members can choose not to be listed on the public website.


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Regional updates

24th September 2018 by NSWP | Region: North America and the Caribbean

Yale Global Health Justice Partnership (GHJP) has released two complementary analyses on prostitution “diversion” programs (PDPs) in the USA: Diversion from Justice: 'A Rights-Based Analysis of Local ‘Prostitution Diversion Programs’ and their Impacts on People in the Sex Sector in the United States'; and 'Un-Meetable Promises: Rhetoric and Reality in New York City’s Human Trafficking Intervention Courts'. One is national in scope and the other focused specifically on New York City programming.

29th August 2018 by NSWP | Region: Europe

Le 13 avril 2016, la France adoptait la loi « visant à renforcer la lutte contre le système prostitutionnel et à accompagner les personnes prostituées », devenant ainsi le deuxième pays de l’Union européenne à sanctionner les clients des travailleur.se.s du sexe. Depuis, deux chercheurs, Hélène Le Bail et Calogero Giametta, en collaboration avec 11 associations ont mené une enquête afin de documenter les impacts de cette nouvelle législation sur la santé, les droits et les conditions de vie des travailleur.se.s du sexe en France.

28th August 2018 by NSWP | Region: Asia and the Pacific

Empower Foundation has released a new resource library on their website, comprising books, reports, letters and films on a variety of topics linked to sex workers' rights in Thailand. You can access the full set of resources here (most available in English and Thai). 

19th July 2018 by NSWP | Region: Global

This Smart Guide aims to provide NSWP members with increased understanding of CEDAW and its potential for use in advocacy work. The Guide is the result of collaboration between NSWP and the International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW-AP). 

10th July 2018 by NSWP | Region: Global



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10th July 2018 by NSWP | Region: Global
Ежегодный доклад содержит описание деятельности и достижений НСВП за 2016 год. На протяжении этого года организация среди прочего проводила обучающие мероприятия, оказывала техническую помощь региональным сетям и занималась разработкой адвокационных инструментов, с помощью которых можно продемонстрировать необходимость соблюдения прав человека секс-работников. 


10th July 2018 by NSWP | Region: Global

Le rapport annuel fait le point sur les activités de NSWP et les résultats obtenus pendant l’année 2016. Ces activités concernent le renforcement des capacités, l’aide technique apportée aux réseaux régionaux et le développement d’outils de plaidoyer pour la promotion des droits humains des travailleurSEs du sexe.

On trouvera dans ce document :

10th July 2018 by NSWP | Region: Global

The Annual Report highlights the activities and achievements of NSWP in 2017. These activities include capacity building, providing technical support to regional networks and the development of advocacy tools that bring the human rights of sex workers into focus.

6th July 2018 by NSWP | Region: North America and the Caribbean

В справочный материал НСВП посвящен обсуждению закона о прекращении помощи торговцам людьми (SESTA) и  закона о разрешении штатам и жертвам торговли людьми вести борьбу с ее онлайновыми формами(FOSTA) – законов о борьбе с торговлей людьми, согласно которым владельцы онлайн-ресурсов, где секс-работники размещают объявления и обмениваются советами, в том числе об охране безопасности, будут подвергаться уголовному преследованию.