Where our members work

NSWP’s members are local, national and regional sex worker organisations and networks, across five regions: Africa; Asia and the Pacific; Europe (including Eastern Europe and Central Asia); Latin America and North America and the Caribbean. Members in each region elect two representatives to the NSWP Board of Directors.

All member organisations are required to endorse NSWP’s core values and the Consensus Statement on Sex Work, Human Rights, and the Law. Only sex worker-led organisations and networks have voting rights.

NSWP members are from diverse cultures and have different experiences and organisational histories. Most are independent sex worker-led organisations, some are informal groups of sex workers within larger organisations and some are non-governmental organisations who support sex workers rights. Some member organisations provide services, some focus on advocacy, some on mobilising to reduce vulnerability – all work on human rights issues that affect the health and well-being of sex workers.

You can find our members through the regional pages or by clicking on the red umbrellas on the map.

Note: For both safety and security NSWP does not identify which members are sex worker-led on our website, and members can choose not to be listed on the public website.


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Regional updates

12th September 2019 by NSWP | Region: Global

NSWP根据每个区域性工作者网络提出的需求,向区域性工作者网络提供技术支持。这包括提供给亚太性工作者网络 (APNSW)、非洲性工作者联盟(ASWA) 和中欧、东欧和中亚性工作者权利倡导网络 (SWAN) 的围绕组织发展的面对面技术支持,以及向其他区域网络提供的在线技术支持。

本案例研究侧重于从2016年起向区域 性工作者主导网络提供的技术支持,重点是 APNSW、ASWA和SWAN。它探索:

  • NSWP多年来所提供的技术支持的影响
  • 区域网络关于对其区域内成员所提供的 技术支持的影响的看法
  • 国家组织和网络对区域网络提供的技术 支持的影响的看法
12th September 2019 by NSWP | Region: Global

НСВП оказывает техническую поддержку региональным сетям секс-работников в ответ на потребности каждой сети. Роберта Карра и Глобального фонда.

12th September 2019 by NSWP | Region: Global

NSWP apporte un soutien technique aux réseaux régionaux de travailleurSEs du sexe en fonction des besoins identifiés par chacun des réseaux.

12th September 2019 by NSWP | Region: Global

La NSWP brinda apoyo técnico a las redes regionales de personas que ejercen el trabajo sexual enfocándose en las necesidades identificadas por cada red regional.

11th September 2019 by NSWP | Region: Global

NSWP provides technical support to regional sex worker networks in line with the needs identified by each regional network. This includes face-to-face technical support around organisational development to the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW), the African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA), and the Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (SWAN), in addition to virtual technical support provided to other regional networks.

10th September 2019 by NSWP | Region: Global

This Briefing Note outlines Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the challenges it presents for sex workers and other criminalised populations. 

6th September 2019 by NSWP | Region: Africa

The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA), with support from the Key Populations Representation Evidence and Advocacy for Change in Health Programme (KP REACH), has published a study on violence against sex workers in Africa. Among the issues cited by sex workers as exacerbating violence against them are criminalisation and stigma, which impact access to health services and other amenities.

26th August 2019 by NSWP | Region: Africa

Ce rapport parallèle a été soumis par les organisations dirigées par des travailleurSEs du sexe congolaises UMANDE et ACODHU-TS pendant la 73e session du CEDAW qui s’est tenue en juin et juillet 2019.

15th August 2019 by NSWP | Region: Global

El Fondo Mundial se continúa preparando para la reunión del 6º Reabastecimiento organizado por el gobierno francés en Lyon el 10 de octubre de 2019.

12th August 2019 by NSWP | Region: Asia and the Pacific, Europe

As part of its programme 'Rights not Rescue: Sex Work, Migration, Exploitation and Trafficking', ICRSE has published 'Trafficking 101: a community resource for sex workers' rights activists'.