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Sex Worker Pride began in 2019 and is an opportunity to celebrate and share stories of sex workers’ self-determination and the achievements of the sex worker rights movement. Sex Worker Pride extends to all marginalised by criminalisation, discrimination and stigma across the sex worker movement and celebrates the diversity within our community.

NSWP members celebrated Sex Worker Pride 2021 on 14 September with in-person events, digital events, and sharing achievements across social media and online networks.

15 September 2021

HIV/AIDS Research and Welfare Centre (HARC) is an NSWP member organisation that works with sex workers across Bangladesh. HARC submitted this news story to NSWP that documents a national planning meeting that took place with women-led organsations, human rights organisations and sex workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 22 August 2021. One important aspect of the meeting was a discussion on National Identification Cards (NID) for sex workers.

30 August 2021

Open Democracy has launched a new series that looks at those in the anti-trafficking movement who sit on the fence on sex worker rights.

In their article launching the series, they pose three main questions that will inform their research:

20 August 2021

NSWP members Vixen Collective and Scarlet Alliance have released a statement welcoming the announcement by the government of the Australian state of Victoria committing to decriminalise sex work.

The statement, which you can read in full on the Scarlet Alliance website, says:

17 August 2021

The Ishtar Collective, an NSWP member organisation that works with sex workers and allies in the US state of Vermont, is in the running for a $100,000 grant that will go directly to sex workers volunteering on their food farm.

28 July 2021

NSWP mourn the passing of a leader in the fight for sex workers' rights, Manjula Ramaiah. Manjula passed away in June from COVID-19 complications.

Manjula was a strong leader and frontline worker who founded sex worker community networks and served on the board of several key organisations as a champion for the human rights of sex workers and those living with HIV.

9 July 2021

Red Umbrella Fund provides flexible core funding to support the general coordination, functioning and strengthening of a group, organisation or network and its members.

22 June 2021