News Archive: November 2010

On the eve of the 16 Days of Activism to end Violence Against Women, SWEAT is joining with UNAIDS to demand that South Africa decriminalizes sex workers, and that the whole sex work industry is brought out of the shadows.

A study released by UNAIDS yesterday recommended that countries who currently criminalise sex workers take action to decriminalize this vulnerable group in order to better respond to the HIV pandemic.

26 November 2010

The day of 17th of November 2010 wittiness the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Hon Nsaba Buturo calling off a conference organised by Akina Mama wa Afrika on advancing sex workers health rights and economic empowerment which was taking place at Serena lake at the Ranch Lweza based in Kampala, Uganda. The Minister did so by sending a strong worded letter to the Hotel General Manager giving “directives not to host a Prostitutes Conference run by Akina Mama wa Afrika and if they do so, will be abetting illegality in Uganda”.

24 November 2010

Last week, the Sex Workers Leadership Institute organised by Akina Mama Wa Afrika and set to take place in Kampala, Uganda from 18 to 20th November was shut down by Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Nsaba Buturo. In a letter to the hotel hosting the conference, Buturo states that “prostitution is a criminal offence in Uganda” and as a result “the hotel is an accomplice in an illegality.”

22 November 2010