News Archive: January 2011

The 12th issue of Research for Sex Work is on the theme "Sex Work and Violence" and was released on December 17, 2010.

The criminalisation of sex work, increases the vulnerability of sex workers to human rights violations and violence. However, sex workers are raising awareness, working with policy makers, and organising against this violence, as the following examples from Research for Sex Work show:

18 January 2011

Marjan Wijers a human rights consultant and researcher who helped create this tool as part of a collaboration.

The RighT guide, as we called it,was made in response to increasing concerns of anti-trafficking, sex workers rights and migrant workers rights activists and organisations that many anti-trafficking measures not only fail to protect the rights of trafficked persons, but actually do harm by undermining or negatively affecting the human rights of the people affected by those policies.

13 January 2011