News Archive: May 2013

NSWP is pleased to announce the newly appointed NSWP Communications Team who join the Global Secretariat as of 1 June 2013

Anelda Grové  – Communications Officer

Anelda has been active in the Scottish sex worker rights movement and is a member of the SCOT-PEP campaign group. As a recent economics postgraduate, her background is mainly in Economic Development and Policy Analysis although her main interests are now directed towards policy research and advocacy for sex workers rights. Anelda will be based in Scotland.

Denis Nzioka  - Communications Officer

Denis is a Kenyan sex worker advocate and media consultant. He has been instrumental in setting up various sex worker projects and groups in the country as well as offering media/journalism training to sex worker activists and groups and he sits on the Board of Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA). He founded Identity Kenya, a news agency that caters to sexual and gender minorities and features sex workers voices as well as articles on the sex work movement.Denis will be based in Kenya.

Kate Zen – Communications Coordinator

Kate has been active in sex worker organisations in New York City since first volunteering with $pread Magazine in 2008. She has been a part of the Sex Workers Outreach Project NYC, and the committee for Best Practices Policy Project. She has also interned with Streetwise and Safe and the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center. Now, living in Montreal, she is a new volunteer with Stella. Kate has also worked  as a freelance graphic designer and web analytics consultant at two digital marketing agencies in Manhattan. Kate will be based in Canada.


30 May 2013

NSWP is withdrawing from the Paulo Longo Research Initiative (PLRI) and will be focussing on expanding Research for Sex Work beyond the peer-reviewed journal that it currently publishes into a project that will seek to build a broad collaboration between academia, community researchers and the sex worker rights movement. Initially NSWP will establish a listserv to which we will invite individual sex workers and researchers who wish to be involved and who endorse the NSWP core values and principles:

  • Acceptance of sex work as work
  • Opposition to all forms of criminalisation and other legal oppression of sex work (including sex workers, clients, third parties, families, partners and friends).
  • Support self-organisation and self-determination of sex workers

NSWP members are asked to nominate researchers or individual sex workers to join the listserv, by sending their names and email addresses to Researchers may also apply for membership of the R4SW listserv by sending a short introduction, (including links to at least 2 publications on sex work - or articles themselves if they are not open access publications) for circulation to NSWP members for endorsement by at least two members.

NSWP Board reserves the right to decline nominations or applications without providing any reason.

3 May 2013

San Francisco police will no longer use condoms as evidence when arresting and charging sex workers, according to an announcement by law enforcement agencies and the Human Rights Commission.

This announcement follows a six-month trial moratorium period in which condoms were not used as evidence in cases.

Read the full article in the San Francisco Examiner.
2 May 2013

Press statement from Maggie's, Stella and POWER.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Le français suivra...

May 2, 2013 -- Supreme Court Justice Richard Wagner has denied several prominent sex worker groups the opportunity to intervene in the Bedford v. Canada appeal, to be heard at the Supreme Court of Canada on June 13th, 2013. 

The constitutional challenge to the prostitution laws could strike down laws that have documented direct and negative impact on the lives and working conditions of sex workers, bosses, security people and other third parties as well as the lives of sex workers’ clients and partners.

2 May 2013