News Archive: May 2014

A large scale study into sex work policies and legal regulation across the EU is underway.  The action called “Comparing European Prostitution Policies: Understanding Scales and Cultures of Governance (ProsPol)” is being co-ordinated by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) under their Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health (ISCH) stream.  The action involves researchers and scientists from 22 different

30 May 2014

Amnesty International’s (AI) consultation on the proposal to adopt a formal policy in support of the decriminalisation of sex work has attracted a lot of attention in recent months.  AI explains its decision to undertake this consultation:

30 May 2014

In 2002 Germany enacted the Prostitution Reform Act with the aim of strengthening the social and legal rights of sex workers.  On 11th April 2014, the Bundesrat, the Upper House of the German Parliament, called for further debate on the sex work laws and proposed a number of new measures.  German sex worker organisation BesD, Trade Association Erotic and Sexual Services, has issued a statement in response, expressing deep concern over some of the suggested reforms.

30 May 2014

Somaly Mam, president of the Somaly Mam Foundation (SMF) has resigned amid intense scrutiny following a recent article in Newsweek magazine.

29 May 2014

NSWP member, Scarlet Alliance will be hosting a two day Sex Worker Pre-Conference meeting on the 18th and 19th of July, 2014 will be held in Melbourne near the

28 May 2014

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28 May 2014

The Institute for Development Studies (IDS) have developed a unique toolkit on 'Sexuality and Social Justice' that aims to share learning on strategies to strengthen rights and improve the lives of those marginalised because of their sexuality.

23 May 2014

Ron Weitzer, a well-known Professor of Sociology at George Washington University for his work on sex work and trafficking, specifically in the US but also Europe has published a new paper entitled: “ New Directions in Research on Human Trafficking” in the ANNALS  of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

23 May 2014

NSWP member HOOK, is a sex worker-led organisation based in New York, US. HOOK works with male sex workers and offers workshops on life skills including financial literacy and legal advice and hosts discussions about working smarter through its Rent U program. HOOK also conducts research into sex work by men in the US.

Hook has developed a series of resources for male sex workers including:

23 May 2014

Uganda's Anti-Pornography Act, was signed into law by President Y. Museveni on February 6, 2014. This act has had disastrous consequences for women in Uganda since its assension. Numerous women, including female sex workers, have been harrassed (sexually and otherwise) and/or assaulted by mobs who target women they deem to be 'sexually exciting' men as one of the vague terms in the wording of the act stipulate. 

23 May 2014

In July 2012, sex workers from all over the world gathered at the ‘Sex Worker Freedom Festival: The Alternative IAC2012 Event (SWFF) for Sex Workers and Allies’ in Kolkata, India. During the festival, a space was created for and by positive sex workers who came together and discussed the additional needs and demands of being a sex worker living with HIV.

19 May 2014
AIDS 2014 Melbourne Declaration calls for the eradication of discrimination against people living with or at risk of HIV, to ensure equal access for all people to HIV prevention, treatment and care.
The programme of the 20th International AIDS Conference is now online 
Friday, 16 May 2014 (Geneva, Switzerland) – A declaration affirming that non-discrimination is 
fundamental to an evidence-based response to HIV and effective public health programmes 
was announced today by
19 May 2014

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP), implemented a global project to identify and document best practices undertaken by sex workers in carrying out programmes related to sex work and HIV; to identify and document issues of sex workers and their access to HIV‑related treatment and the impact of free trade on this access; and to identify and document the impact of programmes relating to HIV directed at sex workers which fail to include a human rights‑based approach.

16 May 2014

A letter was sent to Executive Director of the Global Fund, Mark Dybul and others urging the Global Fund to abandon their "Blue Ribbon Taskforce to Develop a Global Framework on Tiered-Pricing".

15 May 2014

In a partial, but significant victory for the sex worker groups that have been advocating on the issue for years, the New York Police Department announced on Monday that they would end its practice of treating condoms as evidence of prostitution in some, but not all, cases.

14 May 2014

Members of the Guyana Trans United (GTU) took to the area outside the Brickdam police station last week picketing against the inaction of the police in delivering justice to the four trans sex workers who were victims in a drive-by shooting.

GTU was supported by members of the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) as well as other NGOs and individuals sympathetic to the plight of the sex workers.

13 May 2014

A high profile event benefiting two organisations working with sex workers will be held this weekend in Brooklyn.

Hey Queen! is a monthly dance party that is a regular on the New York City scene. Its May event, on Saturday May 17th, will benefit both the PROS Network and NSWP member Persist Health Project.

13 May 2014

Despite expressing concerns about a lack of meaningful community representation, sex workers from around the globe are preparing to participate in the 2014 International AIDS Conference (IAC), slated to take place between 21-25 July in Melbourne, Australia.

13 May 2014

NSWP values diversity and encourages applications from individuals with sex work experience and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.We are still seeking a regional correspondent to research and write up the history of NSWP and the sex worker rights movement in LATIN AMERICA.

12 May 2014

Legislation regulating the sex industry may soon come under review in Australia’s Northern Territory. The Northern Territory’s Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Business, David Tollner, of the conservative Country Liberal Party, recently stated that he will attempt to solicit both public and political support for changes to the Prostitution Regulation Act.

9 May 2014

We are still seeking a regional correspondent to research and write up the history of NSWP and the sex worker rights movement in LATIN AMERICA.

REGIONAL CORRESPONDENT – History of NSWP and sex worker rights movement (consultant)

NSWP is seeking to recruit a regional correspondent to research and write up the history of the sex worker rights movement and the development of the NSWP regional and sub-regional networks in Latin America.

9 May 2014

NSWP are still seeking a number of Peer Reviewers and urge you get in touch with us on the email address below for more information on how to apply! The closing date is on Wednesday 21 May 2014 at 23:59 GMT

NSWP values diversity and encourages applications from individuals with sex work experience and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

8 May 2014

The New York City-based Sex Workers Project (a project run out of the Urban Justice Center) which provides legal and social services to both sex workers and victims of human trafficking, has been selected by The American College of Trial Lawyers as the recipient of the

7 May 2014