News Archive: July 2014

The 12th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP) is to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2015. A boycott of this event is imminent due to eviction of 1000 sex workers and their families, totalling 2000 people, from a 200 year old brothel district in Bangladesh. Ironically the theme of the conference is women, and Key Affected Populations, which includes sex workers.

25 July 2014

On 22 July 2014, at the International AIDS Conference, the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+), the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and STOP AIDS NOW! launched a new Community Guide, Driving the HIV response, developed in response to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2013 Guidelines on the use of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for treating and preventing HIV.

24 July 2014

Guyana-based NSWP member organisation, SASOD (The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination) was honoured with the 2014 Red Ribbon Award for Advocacy and Human Rights earlier this week, during a special session at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne.

24 July 2014

Across the globe, HIV rates are climbing among sex workers and people who use drugs. One of the main reasons is that they are criminalised. Too often sex workers and drug users are forced to choose between protecting their health and staying safe from police harassment or arrest.

23 July 2014

Medical journal, The Lancet has joined an ever growing number of international health and human rights organisations calling for the full decriminalisation of sex work in order to address the HIV epidemic more effectively in a new series of papers on sex workers and HIV. The men, women, and transgender people who sell sex the world over are subjected to repressive and discriminatory laws and practices which in turn fuel stigma, discrimination, and in a large number of instances violence being perpetrated against sex workers.

23 July 2014

In the lead up to the official opening of the 20th International AIDS Conference, currently being held in Melbourne, Australia, sex workers from 30 countries met on the 18th and 19th of July, 2014, to discuss issues of significance affecting our communities and to strategise the promotion and advocacy of these issues within various conference forums.

23 July 2014

New guidelines aimed at improving HIV programming for key populations were launched this weekend in Melbourne at the 20th International AIDS Conference.

22 July 2014

NSWP launched the Global Consultation on PrEP and Early Treatment as Prevention Strategies at the 20th International AIDS Conference currently underway in Melbourne, Australia.

HIV and AIDS have affected different population groups in different magnitudes since their emergence.  Sex workers, in particular female sex workers, have one of the highest HIV prevalence rates globally.

22 July 2014

Leader of the Russian Sex workers' Movement "Silver Rose" has been elected the Chair of the Coordinating Committee on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control in Russian Federation

21 July 2014

NSWP member Desiree Alliance have boycotted the 2014 International AIDS Conference in Melbourne Australia. 

As they explain in their press release they feel that the inadequate representation of sex workers and blatant disregard to assist the problematic policies of the United States regarding access to HIV health care has historically and largely served the interests of the International AIDS Society’s agenda to ignore a global health crisis for those in sexual economies.

21 July 2014

It was with great sadness that we learnt of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 brought down en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. The realisation that a number of our friends, colleagues, fellow HIV activists and advocates were on board has been a tremendous shock to all of us here at NSWP.

21 July 2014

NSWP stands in solidarity with sex workers the world over and mourn the deaths of 31 people in Baghdad, Iraq on 12 July 2014. Religious militia are suspected to behind the massacre in a brothel in the suburb of Zayouna which is known to be a red-light district in the capital city of Iraq. Among the dead, were 29 women and two men who were shot at close range in what can only be described as an execution of all those present in the brothel. The gunmen left a message on the front door warning people that ‘This is the fate of any prostitution’.

18 July 2014

By Monday 14 July,2014, almost 1000 Bangladeshi sex workers from the Tangail Kandapara brothel district were evicted from their homes and work spaces as the demolition of the brothel complex, which spanned over 3 acres of land, was undertaken at the behest of an “anti-social activities committee” who threatened to set the complex on fire.

16 July 2014

The inaugural RobertCarr Research Award has been given to a four-country research project that aims to increase security and safety for sex workers.

16 July 2014

NSWP has published a new briefing paper titled ‘Sex Work and the Law: Understanding Legal Frameworks and the Struggle for Sex Work Law Reforms’

15 July 2014

For the past three years sex workers in France and their union, STRASS, have been fighting against the attempt to introduce laws criminalising their clients.  The issue was first discussed by the French National Assembly in December 2011 when a non-binding resolution was adopted by the Assembly supporting the introduction of the ‘Swedish model’ in France.  This was later followed by the introduction of a formal Bill by the ruling French Socialist Party.  The campaign to pass the Bill was led by the Minister for Women’s Rights, Na

11 July 2014

This conference takes as its starting point the need to explore how sex which involves forms of commercial exchange can be understood within broader cultural and social contexts. More specifically, it invites an examination of prostitution, its shifting meanings and governance, by focussing on the contested intersection of activities designated sex, the intimate sphere, and activities designated labour.

10 July 2014

As the December deadline to create a new prostitution law in Canada approaches, parliament is reconvening during its summer recess for a packed schedule of hearings by the House of Commons justice committee.

8 July 2014

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4 July 2014

As the Justice Committee of the House of Commons prepares to hold hearings on Bill C-36, the so-called Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, sex workers and their allies are releasing an important resource about this ill-considered legislation.

2 July 2014

The sex worker rights movement in Africa has been advocating for sex work to be recognised as work for nearly twenty years now. With regard to sex work, African countries fall in three broadly distinct groups. First, those countries that criminalise the sex worker; second, those countries that do not criminalise sex work but do not recognise it as work (e.g. DRC, Burundi, Cameroun, Mali, Algeria); the third group recognises sex work as work even though it is still considered to be an illegal activity (e.g. South Africa, Kenya).  

1 July 2014