#AreWeNotWomen Campaign


Sex workers' rights are human rights AND sex workers’ rights are women’s rights! The #AreWeNotWomen campaign seeks to highlight how sex workers are being excluded and silenced by some of the women's movement in the development of the new UN Women sex work policy.

It will not be possible for UN Women to develop a credible human rights based position on sex work if they do not recognise and respect the diverse realities and lived experiences of all sex workers. #AreWeNotWomen

#AreWeNotWomen highlights how sex workers are not considered ‘women’ by some in the women's movement and UN Women.

UN Women risk disregarding centuries of our communities experience of human rights violations and gender inequality resulting from the criminalisation of sex workers, clients, and third parties, and stigma and discrimination within our societies. #AreWeNotWomen

#AreWeNotWomen highlights how some parts of the feminist movement, and potentially UN Women, are prepared to undermine some women’s human rights, leaving sex workers, including transgender women, behind.

At the same time the United Nations is urging nation states to #LeaveNoOneBehind.

Please take a moment to let UN Women know you support sex workers human rights and gender equality for all. Please use the #AreWeNotWomen hashtag on Twitter and tag @UN_Women in your tweets and Facebook messages. @UN_Women #LeaveNoOneBehind!