Attack on Uganda Trans Sex Work Activist Condemned

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Regional Correspondent Africa

The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) has condemned the recent transphobic attack on Beyonce Karungi, a Ugandan trans sex worker activist and board member of ASWA. Karungi was attacked by unknown assailants in late October and suffered multiple injuries.

“I have injuries on my head, hands and my back because they were stomping on me and they were saying they want to kill me,” she told O-blog-dee-Oh-blog-da. The attack on Karungi come at a time when several other LGBT Ugandans have been victims of possible hate crimes last month.

Trans persons were particularly targeted according to a report by 76 Crimes, a website that reports on LGBTI happenings. Six people have been attacked in what is suspected to be homophobic crimes.

Speaking to NSWP, Daughtie Ogutu, condemned the attack on Karungi and called for swift police investigations to apprehend the attackers.

“We strongly stand in solidarity with Ms Beyonce Karungi and all the trans sex workers across Africa. Violence is unacceptable and we hope that perpetrators of these crimes will face justice.”