BREAKING NEWS – Ontario Ruling

News it just breaking of the Ontario Court of Appeal ruling.  This ruling upholds a lower court decision but actually makes changes to some of the existing laws.

Pimping is now defined as someone who exploits a sex worker but sex workers can now legally hire staff, legally rent or occupy space for the purpose of sex work, organise in groups etc.

What was not struck down was the law prohibiting communication for the purposes of sex work inpublic places, which still puts sex workers who work on the streets in huge danger.

The story is still breaking but you can see some of the coverage in The Star and at CBC News in Canada.

For a helpful summary of the judgement see Pivot Legal SocietyMaggie's Toronto Sex Workers Action Project website shows how the most vulnerable sex workers will be left unprotected by the ruling.  Also the intial response from Sex Professionals of Canada on the SPOC website.