Community Rally in LA to defend global access to affordable medicines - 12 Noon, 1st February

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Expose the Secret Big Pharma Free Trade Deal Negotiations in LA!

NSWP members and activists in LA are encouraged to attend this important protest to defend global access to affordable medicines. 

Health GAP and the California Fair Trade Coalition, AFL-CIO, Citizens Trade Campaign, Friends of the Earth, Public Citizen,  Moana Nui and local members of the labor, environmental, Latino, and Asian-Pacific Island communities are planning a teach-in and Rally in LA.

 ..Next week at a luxury Beverly Hills hotel, trade negotiators from throughout the Pacific Rim are secretly meeting  to hammer out the details on the largest regional free trade agreement the U.S. has ever seen. Big pharma lobbyists are pushing hard for a radical expansion of intellectual property power to deny generic medicines production in key countries. We need your help to stop corporate power from further harming people living with HIV.

The Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement: Out of the public eye, trade ministers and corporate lobbyists (over 600 of whom have certified "corporate adviser" status) are pressing for a NAFTA-style deal that would:

•Encourage off-shoring of jobs and drive down wages
•Roll back limits on Wall Street and environmental regulations
•Give big-pharma power stop generic AIDS drugs and other medicines
•Let corporations and government put limits on libraries and public health campaigns


Monday, January 30, 2012, 6pm

USC University Club

645 West Exposition Blvd., LOS ANGELES, 90089


Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 12 noon

Sofitel Luxury Suites

8555 Beverly Boulevard, BEVERLY HILLS (Across from the Beverly Center)

Info: Tim Robertson 987-4870 Matt Kavanagh  (202) 486-2488