Greek police Out HIV+ sex workers: SIGN the petition

In a deplorable move, Athens police have published photographs of 12 sex workers who have tested HIV positive in the last few days, with more disgraceful abuses being promised in the future.

You can sign the petition to the Greek Prime Minister to stop the forced testing and outing of HIV+ sex workers here.  (Read it in English, Spanish & French) 

It would seem that the police have conducted sweeps of the city and tested sex workers whom they apprehended, in partnership with the Greek Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. 

This is an outrageous breach of international human rights norms in relation to HIV, of the privacy of the individuals and reflects a worrying trend as other countries have previously followed a similar pattern.

This article also states that the 12 women will face a 'prosecutor on Friday on charges of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, a felony.

Read more on this shocking story in Ekathimerini.