Rainbow Leaders Leadership Training Programme for LGBT Leaders Seeking Applications

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The Rainbow Leaders is a leadership training program, offered to activists – leaders in the Global LGBTI movement. Organisations working on sex workers' rights are also encouraged to apply!

Already more than 100 leaders have been admitted to the first three cycles. Now we are ready to start the application process for Rainbow Leaders cycle 4. Altogether 25 LGBTI leaders from different countries and regions are going to work together this fall!

Go directly to the application form

Dates for Cycle 4:

3 week training in Stockholm August 30th – September 18th 2015

1 week follow-up November 27th – December 4th

(The place and other details will be announced at a later date)

The call is open until May 15th.

The overall objective of Rainbow Leaders is:

An increased LGBTI organizational visibility and mobilization to secure LGBTI rights in regional and international arenas.

To contribute successfully to this objective the Rainbow Leaders training strives for the following outcomes:

  • LGBTI Ieaders have the professional training, capacity, and tools to manage, sustain, and guide their organizations
  • Leaders participating in the training have increased knowledge relevant to securing LGBTI rights in local, regional and international arenas
  • LGBTI organizations have sustained resources and capacities to engage in successful long-term human rights efforts & campaigns
  • Increased capacity to seek resources from a diverse pool of funders
  • Increased access to sustainable networks of collaborators, allies, and strategic support systems

Rainbow Leaders eligibility criteria

  • For each training, 22-25 participants will be selected. 80 % will be from target countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Kenya, Peru, Serbia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. (Read why these countries are target countries)

20% may be from non target countries, that are DAC countries (any country listed here).

If you are a:

  • leader of an LGBT organisation, or
  • leader of a project or a program at an LGBT organisation

from a target country, or another DAC country, you are eligible to apply.

In the application form, you are asked to describe the ways in which you are a leader: who and what you lead. That is the space where you confirm that you are a leader, eligible to attend this training.

  • There is a special provision for young leaders:

At least 4 participants in each training will be under the age of 27.

For more info visit the website here.