Sex Workers Protest Murders in Kenya

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Regional Correspondent Africa

Sex workers were joined by human rights activists in Nakuru County, Kenya in protest of the murder of four female sex workers. According to the Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA), seven sex workers have been killed over the past month. Members of KESWA suspect these are serial killings. Four sex workers were killed in the past week while three additional murders were only discovered when investigations were being conducted.

The last three were reported in Nanyuki, Kisii and Nyahururu town.Activists have called on the police to undertake investigations into the murders saying they are reminiscent of murders that took place in 2010 when a serial killer confessed to targeting sex workers.

Grace Kamau from KESWA said that the murders have caused panic among sex workers in the area. She has urged the sex work community to be watchful of each other and to report anyone suspicious. She also criticised the police who she said were not keen on investigating the cases.

“A number of commercial sex workers have been violated and the cases have been reported to the police but nothing has been done. All we have are the OB (Occurrence Book) numbers,” she told the Daily Nation.

KESWA has also petitioned President Uhuru Kenyatta to act on the murders by ensuring sex workers are protected. The President has received over 40 reports of sex workers being murdered. “Protect us, fight for us, help us; we need you now more than ever to save lives before it is too late,” KESWA said in a letter shared earlier this week.