The African Sex Worker Alliance joins NSWP in releasing statement condemning the ill-thought out attack on UN agencies decriminalisation recommendations

The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) joins NSWP in condemning the latest attack on sex workers' rights, an attack which takes the form of a campaign against several UN agencies' recommendations to decriminalise sex work.

ASWA have released a statement, highlighting that as an organisation run by and for sex workers in Africa, they stand firmly against the attempt by former sex workers in the global north to campaign against their human rights. They state that sex work is work, and that "many women who would otherwise live in poverty support themselves and their families through sex work: those who seek to further criminalize those women have no suggestions for replacing their income" .

They conclude their statement, "we stand with UNAIDS, UNDP, the WHO, the UNFPA and NSWP in rejecting this new campaign that seeks to further criminalize us. Criminalization makes us more marginalized and unsafe. The African Sex Workers Alliance is proud to stand with these international agencies, and sex worker-led projects around the world, in calling for decriminalization."

You can read ASWA's statement on their website, or download it as a PDF document here.

A summary of NSWP's statement is available here, and you can download the whole NSWP statement as a PDF here.