The Desiree Alliance boycotts the 2014 International AIDS Conference in Melbourne Australia

NSWP member Desiree Alliance have boycotted the 2014 International AIDS Conference in Melbourne Australia. 

As they explain in their press release they feel that the inadequate representation of sex workers and blatant disregard to assist the problematic policies of the United States regarding access to HIV health care has historically and largely served the interests of the International AIDS Society’s agenda to ignore a global health crisis for those in sexual economies.

They further claim that the sponsorship from the IAS for U.S sex workers to attend the conference was nearly non-existent.  Although sex worker-led rights groups have worked tirelessly against global criminalisation of those affected by HIV and AIDS, they are never consulted in HIV and AIDS policy-making - an issue the IAS has constantly failed to take into consideration. 

You can view Desiree Alliance's full letter here.