The National Network of Sex Workers India join NSWP and ASWA in decrying the latest attack on sex workers' rights

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NNSW India
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NNSW India

The National Network of Sex Workers India today joined NSWP and the African Sex Workers Alliance in standing with the robust UN recommendations that call for the decriminalisation of sex work in order to protect sex workers' health and human rights, and against this latest attack on recomendations that are supported by sex workers globally.

The NNSW India stated, "These groups want people to believe that all sex work is trafficking. Their continued assertion that there is no such thing as ‘voluntary sex work’ is a denial of reality." They further highlighted that, "In many instances the anti- trafficking discourse has emerged as a convenient mechanism of restricting the migration of women - especially third world women into the first world."

They also stated, "International evidence and experience shows that when sex workers are allowed to organize and do their work, they are among the most effective agents of HIV prevention and care in many communities, but sex worker organisations continue to be harassed and in some cases violently attacked in the name of anti-trafficking."

The NNSW india statement is signed by seventeen organisations and induviduals. You can download the three page PDF statement here. ASWA's statement is here; and NSWP's statement is here.