C19RM Country Reports

In April 2020, the Global Fund established C19RM to support countries to respond to COVID-19 and mitigate its impact on programs to fight HIV, TB, malaria and systems for health. The pandemic continues to have a devastating impact on global health systems, jeopardizing the fight against HIV,  TB and malaria and progress towards the 2030 goals for the three diseases. On 7 April 2021, the Global Fund launched the second phase of C19RM.

All countries, including regional/multi-country recipients, that are currently receiving funding from the Global Fund are eligible to receive C19RM funding.

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP), GATEThe International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD), and MPact Global Action for Gay Men’s Health have created a C19RM Guidance Hub where you can find guidance on C19RM from the Global Fund and from key population networks and communities. 

Here you can find country reports that have already been submitted to The Global Fund as part of the C19RM process. We have indicated the key populations included in the consultation/development of each proposal before each link. 

Based on community-led consultations to determine sex worker and other key population priorities for C19RM funding requests, the country reports give evidence to the different formats used to present those priorities to CCM writing teams. They also highlight the similarities of need and a comparison of gaps in the C19 response for key populations in various countries and regions.

The country reports are a useful learning opportunity to compare how other countries' key populations have approached the Global Fund C19RM call for funding requests.  

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(Men who have sex with men and transgender people) Rapport De L’appui Pays De AGCS Plus Dans Le Cadre Du Processus D’elaboration De La Note Conceptuelle Du C19RM


(Men who have sex with men) Men For Health And Gender Justice Organisation Report Submitted To: Aids And Rights Alliance For Southern And East Africa (ARASA)


(Men who have sex with men) Accompagement Des Organisations Des Popualtions Cles Au Cameorun Dans Le Cadre De L’elaboration De Proposition Pays C19RM

Côte d'Ivoire

(Men who have sex with men, transgender people, and sex workers) Rapport De L’appui Pays De Agcs Plus Dans Le Cadre Du Processus D’elaboration De La Note Conceptuelle Du C19RM


(Sex workers) Diálogo Social De Población Clave Mujeres Trabajadoras Del Sexo (MTS) y Comunidad De Personas Que Ejercen El Trabajo Sexual (PERTS) Proceso de solicitud C19RM, subvención COVID–VIH


(Sex workers) Impact Of Covid-19 On Women In Sex Work, Narrative Report from Women of Dignity Alliance (WODA)


(Men who have sex with men) Consultance pour l’Accompagement des Organisations des Populations Cles dans le cadre de l’elaboration de proposition pays C19RM


(Sex workers) Потребности для работы с секс-работниками для заявки в ГФ по механизму «Ответные меры на COVID-19»


(Men who have sex with men and transgender people) Inputs from the MSM/MSW and Transgender Constitiency to CCM for the preparation of the country proposal COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) 2021


(Sex worker) Atelier de Consultation avec les travailleuses du sexe du Sénégal afin d’identifier les priorités qui doivent être incluses dans la demande de financement du C19RM


(Men who have sex with men and sex workers) C19RM - Sudan Community dialogue, June 2021 

South Sudan

(Sex workers) Report from Feminists Initiative South Sudan (FEMISS) 


(Sex workers) Proposed KVP Interventions of C19RM Application


(Men who have sex with men) Dialogue pays avec les communautés sur le C19RM: Rapport de l’atelier de travail avec les hommes gais et bisexuels, Tunisie


(Men who have sex with men and transgender people) MPact-ARASA Technical Support Report: Inputs on the Inclusion of Key Populations, specifically MSM and transgender concerns, within Uganda C19 RM Funding Request


(Sex workers) Описательный отчет БО «ЛЕГАЛАЙФ-УКРАИНА» в NSWP: Процесс C19RM


(LGBT community, sex workers, and people who use drugs) Recommendations Of Vietnam’s Key Populations And People Living With HIV To The C19RM-HIV Funding Request