Making Sex Work Safe

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A Practical Guide for Programme Managers, Policy-Makers and Field Workers

Making Sex Work Safe is a handbook, originally written by Cheryl Overs and Paulo Longo in 1996, which presents some of the knowledge and experience gained by projects involved in responding to the health and safety needs of people of all genders who buy and sell sexual services.

The book contains illustrations and examples of successful educational and development programmes in urban and rural settings in both developing and industrialised countries. It recommends ways to develop, implement, and evaluate strategies for distributing appropriate materials and information, encouraging effective use of sexual health clinics, minimising crime and violence, and providing effective social and economic support to sex workers. The book also explores a number of specific issues such as drug use, mobility, sex tourism, community development, human rights and public health policy.

The response to HIV and commercial sex is often hampered by lack of accessible information about health, human rights and programme development. Making Sex Work Safe bridges this gap by providing illustrated, concrete examples of effective strategies. It is written in English for an international audience and is available on our website in Russian, Chinese, French and Spanish. 

You can view or download this 92 page PDF document below.