Smart Guides

NSWP releases “Smart Guides” periodically as a way to communicate information both from and for sex workers and sex worker organisations, and to the general public, on various issues and events. Prior to the 2010 International AIDS Conference, the Smart Person's Guide to HIV and Sex Work was released in order to clarify current policy and action items relating to HIV and the role of sex worker organisations in responding to this global epidemic.

In 2015, NSWP published two additional 'Smart Guides' to communicate information about the Global Fund and the Sex Worker Implementation Tool (SWIT). B

The Smart Sex Worker's Guide to The Global Fund is aimed at sex workers as a quick reference guide to help sex workers understand the Global Fund and its complex structures. The guide is helpful to sex worker organisations who are already receiving funding from the Global Fund as well as to those who hope to receive funding from the Fund in the future. It briefly describes the key structures at global and country levels and outlines their function. The guide also suggests how to interact with these various structures. In addition to this, the smart guide also looks at various Global Fund strategies and policies and their impact, risks and opportunities for key populations. This guide is supported by The GlobalFund through the Robert Carr civil societyNetworks Fund.

The Smart Sex Worker’s Guide to SWIT provides a short summary of the key points in ‘Implementing Comprehensive HIV/STI Programmes with Sex Workers: Practical Approaches from Collaborative Interventions' or the 'SWIT', in plain English. The guide can be used by sex workers and sex worker organisations who are designing or running programmes for sex workers. It may also be useful as an advocacy tool when advocating for rights-based services.

NSWP would like to thank Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund and Bridging the Gaps. NSWP is part of Bridging the Gaps – health and rights for key populations. This unique programme addresses the common challenges faced by sex workers, people who use drugs and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in terms of human right violations and accessing much needed HIV and health services. Go to for more information.

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