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Законодательство В Отношении Секс-Работы В Центральной И Восточное Европе И Центральной Азии (ЦВЕЦА)

Правовые системы, целью которых является контроль и регулирование секс-работы, в последние три десятилетия претерпели существенные изменения в странах Восточной и Центральной Европы и Центральной Азии (ЦВЕЦА). Эти изменения произошли в значительной степени из-за радикальных политических событий в современной истории региона, в частности распада СССР и Социалистической Федеративной Республики Югославия.

Sex workers in Belgium launch a new decriminalisation campaign

Sex workers in Belgium have launched a new campaign calling for the decriminalisation of sex work, and social and legal protection for sex workers. UTSOPI is calling on the Belgian government to create statutes to protect sex workers as self-employed workers, and repeal laws on soliciting advertising and third parties.

Finnish sex work sites closed down by Spanish police

Finnish websites used by sex workers to advertise and share information with each other have been closed down following a judicial warrant by Spanish police. The websites, Sihteeriopisto (Secretary College) and the international counterpart, sexworknet, were launched in Finland but was maintenance was moved overseas following changes to sex work laws in Finland in 2003. Spanish police issued the warrant on 26th March, since which point the websites have been unavailable. 

SWAI launches new campaign to mark two years of criminalisation of clients

Sex Workers Alliance Ireland has launched a new social media campaign to highlight the impact of laws criminalising the purchase of sexual services in the Republic of Ireland, which were introduced in 2017. The campaign highlights the increase in violence documented among sex workers since the introduction of the laws, and calls on the government to decriminalise sex work to ensure safety for sex workers.