North America and the Caribbean

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Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center issue statement on prohibitionist ‘Nordic Model’ legislation in New York

NSWP member organisation the Sex Workers Project (SWP) of the Urban Justice Center (UJC) provides legal advocacy to survivors of human trafficking and people who engage in sex work. They engage in advocacy, education, and organising to build a movement to protect the human rights of sex workers.

The Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center have issued a statement opposing the harmful “sex trade survivors justice and equality act”, a new bill introduced to state senate in January.

Enquête d’impact COVID-19 – Amérique du Nord et Caraïbes

En avril 2020, le NSWP a lancé une enquête mondiale pour comprendre l’impact du COVID-19 sur les travailleuses du sexe. L’enquête a reçu 156 réponses au total, de 55 pays différents, dont 53 provenaient de 6 pays – Canada, Guyana, Mexique, Suriname, Trinidad, États-Unis – en Amérique du Nord et dans la région des Caraïbes.

Vous pouvez télécharger cette ressource de 11 pages ci-dessus. Cette ressource est disponible en anglais, en chinois, en français, en russe et en espagnol.

Опрос «Влияние коронавируса» – Северная Америка и страны Карибского бассейна

В апреле 2020 года НСВП запустила международный опрос, цель которого была проанализировать влияние эпидемии COVID-19 на секс-работников. Мы получили 156 ответов из 55 стран; 53 ответа были получены из шести стран Северной Америки и Карибского бассейна –  Канады, Гайаны, Мексики, Суринама, Тринидада, США.

Этот 12-страничный документ можно скачать по ссылке выше. Документ подготовлен на английском и переведен на китайский, французский, русский и испанский языки. 




COVID-19 Impact – North America and the Caribbean

In April 2020, NSWP launched a global survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on sex workers. The survey received 156 responses in total from 55 different countries, out of which 53 responses were from 6 countries – Canada, Guyana, Mexico, Suriname, Trinidad, United States – in the North America and the Caribbean region.

The Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center announces historic $1.2 million grant to expand nationwide advocacy and education to destigmatise and decriminalise sex work

This week, NSWP member organisation the Sex Workers Project announced a donation of $1.2 million from the Sex Work Rights Fund to significantly increase their capacity, size, scope, and impact. In their announcement, SWP outlined that this funding would go towards hiring a Director of Communications, Director of Development, Director of Research, Organizing, and Advocacy, and an Associate Director for State and Local Campaigns, as well as locally based organising consultants.