Girls Do What They Have To Do To Survive: Illuminating Methods Used by Girls in the Sex Trade and Street Economy to Fight Back and Heal


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Jazeera Iman, Catlin Fullwood, Naima Paz, Daphne W and Shira Hassan

This report summarises the research compiled by the Young Women's Empowerment Project in Chicago (United States) about violence & resistance for girls involved in the sex trade. It also examines attitudes and practices for harm reduction, self care, advocacy, and empowerment.

Contents Include:

  • Youth Activist Summary
  • About YWEP
  • Our Research
  • The Learning Questions
  • Research Design & Data Collection
  • Demographic Information
  • The Findings
  • Our thoughts
  • Next steps
  • Tool Kit
  • What you need to know about girls in the sex trade
  • Vocabulary

You can download this 51 page PDF resource above. This resource is in English.