Policy Brief: Sex Work, Violence & HIV in Asia - From Evidence to Safety

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This Policy Brief is a short summary of evidence for action drawn from: The Right(s) Evidence: Sex Work, Violence and HIV in Asia - A Multi-Country Study and recent key studies and guidance including The Lancet Special Series on Sex work and HIV and the WHO Consolidated Guidance for Key Populations.

The Rights(s) Evidence: Sex Work, Violence and HIV in Asia, is a multi-country qualitative study carried out in Indonesia (Jakarta), Myanmar (Yangon), Nepal (Kathmandu) and Sri Lanka (Colombo). The regional report provides a deep understanding of female, male and transgender sex workers’ experiences of violence, the contexts in which violence occurs and the factors that increase or decrease their vulnerability to violence, insights that are essential to prevent and respond to violence against sex workers in countries throughout the region.

View a comprehensive summary of the study report here.

You can download this 8 page resource as a PDF above. This resource is in English.