Remembering Bedford: Impacts of Criminalisation of Street-Based Sex Work

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Arlene Jane Pitts
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Remembering Bedford is a summary of Arlene Jane Pitt’s research with 6 street-based sex workers in Toronto, Canada. She shows how street-based sex workers demonstrate resistance and resilience in the face of oppressive laws in Canada. She shows the impacts of criminalisation and how sex workers who use drugs sometimes need to rely on their drug dealers for safety. This article was published as a part of Research for Sex Work 15: Resistance and Resilience.

Contents Include:

  • The Emergence of Remembering Bedford
  • Remembering Bedford: our ‘Whorestory’
  • Imapcts of Criminalisation
  • Our Relationship with our Drug Dealers
  • In Summary: Resistance and Resilience Amongst Canadian Street-Based Sex Workers

This article is useful because it provides an overview of the challenges faced by street-based sex workers in Toronto, Canada.

You can download this 5 PDF above. This resource is available in English and French.