Resisting Through Resilience: US Transgender and Sex Worker-Led Community Based Research

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Sharmus Outlaw, Jill McCracken, and Penelope Saunders

In this article, Sharmus Outlaw, Jill McCracken, and Penelope Saunders provide an overview of the report Nothing About Us, Without Us: Sex Work, HIV, Policy, and Organizing. It focuses on the experiences of transgender people who are also sex workers or are profiled as sex workers and reveals how current 
HIV policies impact groups of people who are often silenced and excluded from policy debates. It is a joint project with Best Practices Policy Project and Desiree Alliance. This article was published as a part of Research for Sex Work 15: Resistance and Resilience.

Contents include:

  • Peer-Led Outreach
  • Trans Specific Sex Workers
  • Programmes Accepting of Sex Work
  • Anonymous, Confidential, and Private Programmes
  • Holistic Programmes that Acknowledge and Understand Intersections of Oppression
  • Funding that Prioritises Advocacy and Services by Transgender People
  • Conclusions

This resource is useful for anyone interested in learning about resistance and resilience of transgender sex workers in the United States.

You can download this 5 page PDF above. This resource is available in English and French.