Sex Work and the Law: The Case for Decriminalisation

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World AIDS Campaign
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This document is a collection of fact sheets discussing the reasons for and effects of decriminalisation of sex work worldwide, including health, safety, worker's rights, children's rights, public health, economics, and women's rights.

Contents include:

  • Human Rights and Sex Work Decriminalisation
  • Sex Work Decriminalisation, Feminism and Women’s Rights
  • The Right to Work and Sex Work Decriminalisation
  • Children and Sex Work Decriminalisation
  • The Client and Sex Work Decriminalisation
  • Economics and Sex Work
  • HIV, Public Health and Sex Work Decriminalisation
  • Legal Approaches to Sex Work
  • The Swedish Legal Model for Sex Work
  • Religious and Moral Arguments for Sex Work Decriminalisation
  • The Impact of Decriminalisation of Sex Work on The Values of Society
  • Trafficking and Sex Work

You can download this 36-page PDF above. This resource is in English.