The Condom Quandary

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Asia Catalyst

Asia Catalyst has published their report The Condom Quandary: A Study of the Impact of Law Enforcement Practices on Effective HIV Prevention among Male, Female, and Transgender Sex Workers in China. Asia Catalyst conducted 74 in-depth interviews with male, female, and transgender sex workers, 18 interviews with key informants, and 517 responses to a survey questionnaire. The research was conducted in three major Chinese cities. The report found that using condoms as evidence of sex work violates the human rights of sex workers. They found that sex workers were more likely to agree to clients' demands to not use condoms, reduce the number of condoms they carry, not carry condoms at all, or try various methods to hide condoms in concealed places. 

Contents include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • The Legal Environment of Sex Work
  • HIV, Condoms, and Public Policy
  • Key Findings and Discussions
  • The "Probative Value" of Condoms
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

This report is useful because it describes all the ways in which using condoms as evidence of sex work violates the human rights of sex workers. The report also provides key recommendations to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, National Health and Family Planning Commission, National People's Congress, and the Chinese government. The report also recommends the decriminalisation of sex work to protect sex workers' rights. 

You can download this 84 page PDF above. This resource is available in English and Chinese.