Is selling sex criminalised?

It is legal to sell sex and national level soliciting laws were repealed when France criminalised clients. There are however still municipal administrative laws in place - "arêtes", which criminalise sex workers, e.g. forbidding street sex work in certain areas. Because of brothel-keeping and procuring laws it is still illegal for sex workers to work together and to let a colleague use your flat or camper.

Is buying sex criminalised?

Buying sex is illegal

Is organising/managing criminalised?

Yes, procuring, brothel keeping, facilitating someone's prostitution, encouraging 'prostitution', advertising and profiting from 'prostitution' all criminalised.

What other laws are used disproportionately against sex workers?

Municipal by-laws are used against sex workers in France. One French city used these to effectively ban sex workers from the city centre (verified by STRASS)

Is there mandatory HIV/STI testing?


Is there mandatory registration?


Is sex work recognised as work?


Is sex work decriminalised with limited regulation?


Sources/further reading

Information provided by local sex worker contacts in France

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