News Archive: April 2020

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe, sex workers are mostly being forgotten about in government responses. This week the Guardian published a report on the experiences of sex workers in New Zealand, outlining their access to emergency wage subsidies and other state benefits.

Posted 29 April 2020 by NSWP

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) and UNAIDS recently released a joint statement calling on countries to take immediate, critical action to protect the health and rights of sex workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted 28 April 2020 by NSWP

НСВП проводит опрос, чтобы следить за вилянием пандемии коронавируса на секс-работников, самоорганизации секс-работников и сообщество.

Мы делимся поступившими к нам историями и опытом организаций из разных стран мира, чтобы понять, что правительства разных стран мира делают для поддержки секс-работников и самоорганизаций секс-работников и как сообщество секс-работников реагирует на кризис.

Posted 27 April 2020 by NSWP

Lorena Borjas – a pillar of New York City’s Latinx LGBTQ community, and a staunch defender of the rights of trans people, Latinx people, and sex workers – died on Monday 30th March of complications from COVID-19.

Posted 8 April 2020 by NSWP

With sex work criminalised in almost every country, sex workers’ already precarious situation has been heightened by this public health crisis. NSWP is conducting a survey to enable us to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sex workers around the world.

Posted 8 April 2020 by NSWP

NSWP is seeking to recruit a Policy Officer to join our Policy Team, led by the Senior Policy Officer, working on developing global advocacy tools for our members and reviewing external policy documents in line with the NSWP Consensus Statement and the priorities set by the NSWP Board.

Posted 3 April 2020 by NSWP