‘Confront legal and policy barriers to HIV’: Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Dialogue on HIV and the Law

The Regional Dialogue for sub-Saharan Africa, part of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law, was held at the beginning of August in Pretoria, South Africa.

The meetings main conclusions were that legal, policy and social barriers continue to make people vulnerable to HIV and hamper the ability of individuals, communities and states to respond to the epidemic.

This regional dialogue is part of a series of seven consultations organised in all regions of the world to inform the Commission on the laws, policies and practices that represent barriers to effective responses to HIV.

The Global Commission on HIV and the Law, launched by UNDP and UNAIDS in June 2010, was set up to make recommendations for possible means to address these barriers.

Following this consultation process, the Global Commission on HIV and the Law will develop actionable, evidence-informed and human rights-based recommendations for effective HIV responses that promote and protect the human rights of people living with and most  vulnerable to HIV. The findings will be announced in December 2011.

You can read the full article on the African Regional Dialogue on the UNAIDS website here