Int'l Day to End Violence against Sex Workers SWAN–ICRSE joint statement

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Today, 17th of December 2014, sex workers, their advocates, allies, friends and families, are gathering around the world to denounce all acts of violence against sex workers.



Video: Sex workers are the solution not the problem

For this occasion, SWAN is launching a brochure titled “Stronger Together: Addressing Violence against Female, Male and Transgender Sex Workers in Central Eastern Europe and Central Asia”. Two more booklets for sex workers on CEDAW (Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women) and sex work, and a guide on starting human rights abuse documentation projects are to be released soon. 
ICRSE is releasing a short video filmed at our first Regional Training on Sex Work, HIV, Health and Human Rights. In this video, sex workers activists from different countries in our region share their message with their colleagues. ICRSE will also publish soon its first “Community Report on Structural Violence” highlighting instances of social and institutional oppression experienced by sex workers across Europe and Central Asia.
Meanwhile, in our region, more than 20 cities in 17 countries will host events to commemorate those that have lost their lives this year: demonstrations in Skopje, Paris, Barcelona, Tbilisi; conference on violence against trans women in Ankara; flash mob and internet campaigns in Kiev and Sarajevo; protests against dangerous bills or by-laws in Belfast or Toulouse; scientific congress in Coimbra; films and public meetings in London and Belgrade; award and commemoration ceremony in Stockholm.
ICRSE and SWAN pay homage to all the sex workers victims of violence this year and to the resilience, courage and creativity of all sex workers’ rights activists who will be organising and participating at events on the 17th of December.
On this day, we also invite you to join us, listen to our stories, and stand up BY OUR SIDE to demand an end to ALL forms of violence against sex workers!
To find out more about the events organised by our members:
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Resources published today:
ICRSE Video “Sex workers are the solution not the problem”
Short version:
Full version:
SWAN's borchure “Stronger Together: Addressing Violence against Female, Male and Transgender Sex Workers in Central Eastern Europe and Central Asia”