NSWP Networking Zone and Marketplace at IAC 2010

Share your ideas, present your work, and raise awareness and money at the same time!
Dear all,

We are excited to develop the program of the NSWP networking zone with you and to open up registration for the NSWP marketplace booth.

Both the networking zone and the marketplace booth will be located in the Global Village – a space of 8.000 m² where exhibitions, cultural activities, workshops, presentations and discussions will take place. In addition to this, thematic and regional networking zones and booths will provide the opportunity to learn more about the work that activists and communities are doing around the world.

To make the NSWP presence a highlight of the week, we ask for your contributions:

  • Do you have an activity that you would like to present? A film, presentation, discussion, performance,…?
  • Do you have products that you would like to sell to fundraise for your project/work? Bags, umbrellas, bracelets, … ?

Please complete the below form(s) and send them back to us by 14th June 2010!

The Planning Committee will decide on the final program and we will develop a time schedule for you.

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Click to Download: