NSWP Responds To Amnesty's Draft Policy on Sex Work

The NSWP has responded to Amnesty International’s (AI) draft policy on sex work. AI is currently undertaking a global consultation on sex work with its members. The draft policy proposes the decriminalisation of consensual adult sex work.

 If AI members vote in favour of adopting this policy, Amnesty would join a growing list of international organisations supporting and calling for the decriminalisation of sex work.  The Global Commission on HIV and the Law, UNAIDSWHO, the Global Alliance Against the Trafficking in Women (GAATW) and Human Rights Watch have all called for or support the decriminalisation of sex work. The recommendations calling for the decriminalisation of sex work is based on a robust evidence base that shows that rights-based policy is key in ensuring that sex workers’ human rights are upheld.

You can download the letter below as a resource. This resource is in English.

Download this resource