Sign on letter to protest against proposed ‘Red Light District’ in the Dominican Republic

The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) and El Centro de Orientacion e Investigacion Integral (COIN) are leading a process to challenge a new Bill that is being proposed for the Dominican Republic. “Proyecto de Ley mediante el cual se establecen Zonas de Tolerancia en la República Dominicana” (the Bill) includes a number of elements that they consider problematic.

For example the Bill:

  • stipulates that all sex workers must carry a card issued by the Ministry of Public Health which indicates their state of health. Ostensibly, this will require mandatory testing for sexually transmitted infections.

  • it also mandates the establishment of “zones of tolerance” in which sex workers must operate. Limitations on where sex work may be practiced may contribute to higher HIV risk, by discouraging sex workers from carrying condoms if these will be used as evidence to support unregulated sex work or forcing sex workers outside of “zones of tolerance” to rush negotiations with clients which can lead to unsafe sex.

 You can read an open letter which provides more detail on the Bill below.

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