New Zealand Prostitutes Collective Formed

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A group of women who work as "masseuses" in massage parlours and private houses, joined by women and transgender street workers, get together in 1987 to discuss the formation of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC).

A founding member later says, "we met on beaches, sat round pub tables, huddled in doorways, and spoke on the telephone to unseen, like minded, sex workers throughout the country. Sex workers were on the move. People started to talk about us as if we were a force to be reckoned with. This is really when we realised we were becoming an organisation."

In 1988 NZPC signs a contract with the Minister of Health to provide a range of services to sex workers, focused on HIV/AIDS prevention.

As a consequence Community Bases are formed throughout the country over the next ten years, where sex workers can visit and obtain information, support services, meet each other, network, etc. As the organisation grows, six Community Bases are operational by 2000. Free sexual health clinics for sex workers are also established at the Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch community bases.


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