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NSWP Launches Updated Global Mapping of Sex Work Laws

NSWP has launched an update to the legal mapping project, which maps sex work laws around the world. The information in the map reflects legislation (as of 31 March 2020) that affects sex workers through the criminalisation of the sale and purchase of sexual services, and the facilitation, management or organisation of sex work, as well as other laws used to regulate sex work such as mandatory health checks and travel restrictions.

Changes to HIV and sex work laws in Malawi

A Member of Parliament in Malawi, Frank Mwenifumbo, has urged the government to legalise sex work and ensure there are different support systems around it. The MP claimed a lot of people in the country rely on the sex trade. “We see young ladies and young men standing along our streets for this purpose. Why can we not legalise it? We are in denial and yet it is there in the open that we have people depending on commercial sex” he said.

Greek Sex Workers Organise Conference and Demand Law Reform

On 25 May, 2017, NSWP members Red Umbrella Athens (Greece) and Hellenic Association of People Living with HIV “Positive Voice” organised a conference on policy issues regarding sex work in Greece. It was very successful. It was the first time this topic was discussed by representatives from the government, political parties, civil society, sex workers and the scientific community.

Sex Workers Skeptical About New Brothel in Amsterdam

In order to improve working conditions of sex workers, the Amsterdam mayor opened a brothel that is supposed to be managed by sex workers. The new brothel, called My Red Light, occupies 14 “windows” across four buildings in Amsterdam’s red light district. About 40 sex workers will be able to operate out of the premises, which are being run by a foundation called My Red Light.

Доброволна Сексуална Работа

СТАР-СТАР, колективните на сексуалните работници на Балканот, објави доброволно сексуалната работа. Тие интервјуирани 73 сексуалните работници во градот Скопје Основните цели на нивното истражување е да се разбере ставови и перцепции кон доброволен секс работата на сексуалните работници и за легализација на сексуалната работа, да се подигне свеста на општата популација за сексуалната работа, и, конечно, да се презентираат предностите и недостатоците на сексуалната работа легализација.

Voluntary Sex Work

STAR-STAR, a sex workers' collective in the Balkans, has published Voluntary Sex Work. They interviewed 73 sex workers in the city of Skopje. Their key research objectives were to understand sex workers' attitudes and perceptions towards voluntary sex work and the legalisation of sex work, to raise the general population's awareness about sex work, and finally, to present the advantages and disadvantages of sex work legalisation. 

La Ley Alemana sobre Prostitución: un Ejemplo de ‘Legalización del Trabajo Sexual’

En este artículo se describen las ventajas e inconvenientes de las leyes alemanas de trabajo sexual. También describe los peligros de las próximas revisiones de las políticas de Alemania. Este artículo fue escrito por Hydra eV y castigado como parte de la Research for Sex Work 14: El trabajo sexual es trabajo.