миграция и торговля людьми

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RAIDED: How Anti-Trafficking Strategies Increase Sex Workers' Vulnerability to Exploitative Practices

RAIDED was developed to forefront the experiences of women in sex work who have been raided, rescued and rehabilitated under the provision of anti-trafficking initiatives in India. It examines women’s narratives along with quantitative data about the strategies of raid, rescue and rehabilitation deployed to combat trafficking of women into sex work. The study unravels the impact of laws and policies on the lives of sex workers.

Policy Brief: The Impact of Anti-trafficking Legislation and Initiatives on Sex Workers

Trafficking in persons has generated increasing global attention in recent decades, largely due to the development of international frameworks, pressure from fundamental feminist and abolitionist groups, and as a reaction to increased migration for labour. International policies on trafficking frequently contain vague or ambiguous language, which can cause harm to sex workers in a number of ways.

Anti-Trafficking Review: Special Issue – Irregular Migrants, Refugees or Trafficked Persons?

International migration has become a ‘mega trend’ of our times, with more than 260 million migrants living outside their country of origin in 2017. Some move in search of better livelihood opportunities, others flee conflict, environmental degradation or natural disasters, and yet others are deceived or coerced into exploitative work. At the same time, the categories developed by the international community for people on the move—such as smuggled migrants, refugees, or trafficked persons—are increasingly inadequate to capture today’s complex migration flows.

GHJP Reports on 'Prostitution Diversion Programs'

Yale Global Health Justice Partnership (GHJP) has released two complementary analyses on prostitution “diversion” programs (PDPs) in the USA: Diversion from Justice: 'A Rights-Based Analysis of Local ‘Prostitution Diversion Programs’ and their Impacts on People in the Sex Sector in the United States'; and 'Un-Meetable Promises: Rhetoric and Reality in New York City’s Human Trafficking Intervention Courts'. One is national in scope and the other focused specifically on New York City programming.

Behind the Rescue: How Anti-Trafficking Investigations and Policies Harm Migrant Sex Workers

Behind the Rescue: How Anti-Trafficking Investigations and Policies Harm Migrant Sex Workers is a report produced by Butterfly (Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network), featuring the testimony of 18 Asian migrant sex workers, who contacted Butterfly when they were arrested, detained, and/or deported between May 2015 and August 2016 in Canada.

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本文件是《简报:移徙 性工作者》的配套社群指南。指南概述了简报全文,并为政策制定者和医疗服务机构提供了重要建议。





  • 国际人权法律背景下的移徙性工作
  • 移徙与性工作的国际视角
  • -制度性不平等
  • -权利障碍
  • -服务可及性
  • 关于医疗服务的考虑
  • 结论与建议



Пособие для сообщества: "Секс-работники, мигранты"

Данный ресурс является пособием по справочной статье: "Секс-работники, мигранты". В нем рассматриваются основные идеи справочной статьи и приводятся ключевые рекомендации для политиков и провайдеров медицинских услуг. 

Этот 5-страничный документ можно скачать по ссылке выше. Документ подготовлен на английском и переведен на китайский, французский, русский и испанский языки. Перевод О. Зубковской.