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National Network of Sex Workers Statement Challenging the ‘Last Girl First’: Second World Congress against the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls

The following is a statement from the National Network of Sex Workers challenging the ‘Last Girl First’: Second World Congress against the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls (January 29-31, 2017, New Delhi, India) organised by the Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution International (CAP Intl). 

Sex Workers Speak. Who Listens?

Beyond Trafficking and Slavery have published a sex worker-led anthology Sex Workers Speak. Who Listens? on Open Democracy edited by Giulia Garofalo Geymonat and P.G. Macioti. This anthology addresses the violence, exploitation, abuse, and trafficking present the sex industry. It does so through the perspective of sex workers themselves. The first section is dedicated to contributions from Europe; the second section includes views from Latin America, Asia and Africa; while the third section features some of the arguments put forward by transnational organisations.

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National Day of Action in Canada

On the 11th of June, Canadian sex workers and their allies are mobilising in a National Day of Action. In June of 2013, as a response to Bedford v. Canada and the lack of sex worker representation during the debates around anti-sex work legislation being introduced, sex workers, sex worker rights groups and their allies across the country came together to raise awareness around the need for evidence-based sex work law reform.

La Naissance de Butterfly: Intégrer les Voix des TravailleurSEs du Sexe MigrantEs au Movement pour les Droits des TravailleurSEs du Sexe

Dans cet article, membre fondateur de Butterfly Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Network, Elene Lam, fait valoir que les travailleurSEs migrantEs du sexe sont exclus du mouvement des droits des travailleurSEs du sexe nord-américains. Les féministes abolitionnistes parlent contre les droits des travailleurSEs du sexe en utilisant les voix manquantes des travailleurs migrants de sexe.

The Birth of Butterly: Bringing Migrant Sex Workers' Voices into the Sex Workers' Rights Movement

In this article, founding member of Butterfly Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Network, Elene Lam, argues that migrant sex workers are excluded from the North American sex workers’ rights movement. Abolitionist feminists argue against sex workers’ rights by using the missing voices of migrant sex workers. Lam provides arguments for the inclusion of migrant sex workers in the movement to prevent this from happening.

Continued Conflation of Sex Work and Human Trafficking in Mexico

In Mexico, there is a conflation between human trafficking and sex work. Sex work stigmatised, and sex workers experience marginalisation and discrimination, which violates their human rights. Addressing these issues has required raising awareness within various segments of society.

NSWP member APROASE warned Mexicans about the negative impact that the Law Against Human Trafficking would have on both the recognition of sex work as work and on the human rights of sex workers.