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Remembering Bedford: Impacts of Criminalisation of Street-Based Sex Work

Remembering Bedford is a summary of Arlene Jane Pitt’s research with 6 street-based sex workers in Toronto, Canada. She shows how street-based sex workers demonstrate resistance and resilience in the face of oppressive laws in Canada. She shows the impacts of criminalisation and how sex workers who use drugs sometimes need to rely on their drug dealers for safety. This article was published as a part of Research for Sex Work 15: Resistance and Resilience.

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Stella: Travail du Sexe et La Loi Canadienne

Membre d’NSWP Stella à Montréal au Canada a produit 9 fiches pour les travailleurs/travailleuses du sexe. Les fiches fournissent des informations importantes sur les modifications apportées à la loi canadienne après l'adoption de la Loi sr la Protection des Collectivités et des Personnes Victimes d’Exploitation en 2014, qui criminalise les travailleurs/travailleuses du sexe, les clients et les tierces personnes.

Les fiches proposent des outils concrets pour les travailleurs/travailleuses du sexe quand ils naviguent les nouvelles lois, et expliquent également comment les nouvelles lois ont un impact négatif sur les travailleurs/travailleuses du sexe.

Stella Series: Sex Work and the Law in Canada

NSWP member Stella produced 9 fact sheets for sex workers in Canada. The fact sheets provide important information about the changes to Canadian law (the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, 2014) that criminalise sex workers, clients, and third parties. The fact sheets offer practical tools for sex workers and explain how the new laws negatively impact sex workers.

Keeping Safe - Safety Advice for Sex Workers in the UK

This booklet has been written for women, men and transgender people working in the UK sex industry. It contains information and advice about keeping safe which mostly comes from those who know best – sex workers. It contains tips and strategies to protect their personal safety.

This booklet provides general safety advice for sex workers in different situations and different work places. It also provides guidance on personal safety such as to plan ahead before leaving to work, alcohol and drug use, and potential violent situations.

HOOK's Handouts: Health and Safety Tips by and for Sex Workers

HOOK is a kickass grassroots, volunteer initiative by, for, and about male sex workers. These pocket guides, supersnappy toolkit and cop card provide information on sex work. This educational material is interesting for sex workers who want to educate themselves or others on how work safely and healthy.

The Working Man's Pocket Guide gives tips on doing sex work: be mobile, be good to yourself, be aware, be cautious about cash, be listening.

The Client Guide is a handout for clients. It educates on etiquette in sex worker - client interactions.

Work Safe in Sex Work - A European Manual on Good Practices in Work with and for Sex Workers

This manual has three main objectives: to present examples of good practice for health and social service providers offering care for migrant and mobile sex workers working in both indoor and outdoor settings, to present examples of different experiences of HIV/STI prevention strategies, as well as introducing and facilitating implementation of innovative tools for specific outreach methodology, peer education, campaigns for clients and advocacy campaigns, to increase and expand good practice actions targeting sex worker and their clients.

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