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African Sex Workers Trained as Regional Community Experts on the Global Fund

In a three-day intensive training, African sex workers were trained as Regional Community Experts for the Global Fund.

The technical assistance training for regional sex workers experts included sex workers from Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the ASWA Regional Secretariat. Sex workers learned the skills and knowledge that they will use to train sex workers in other countries on the Global Fund and its processes.

¿Apoyo Laboral a las Personas que ejercen el Trabajo Sexual?

Este estudio investiga opiniones de los trabajadores sexuales en los servicios de apoyo en Berlín, Alemania. En Berlín, los servicios de apoyo para los profesionales del sexo van desde financiera, la salud y el apoyo legal para el asesoramiento y apoyo psicosocial cuanto a migración, etc. La mayoría son llevadas a cabo por los trabajadores sociales en las ONG dirigidas a los profesionales del sexo. Si bien algunas de estas ONG defensora de los derechos de los trabajadores sexuales, muchas objetivo de "rescatar" los profesionales del sexo y para abolir el trabajo sexual. El investigador concluye que hay una discrepancia entre la demanda y el suministro de servicios de apoyo. Este artículo fue publicado en Research for Sex Work 14: El trabajo sexual es trabajo.

Las Opiniones de las Personas que Ejercen el Trabajo Sexual en Nueva York acerca de la Salud Laboral

Los profesionales del sexo se habla a menudo sobre como enfrentarse a elevados índices de violencia, una exposición significativa a las ITS, así como el estrés psicológico relacionado con el trabajo. Sin embargo, mientras los trabajadores sexuales son llamados "de riesgo" por los investigadores y profesionales de la salud, sus necesidades de salud se abordan o desconocido en muchos centros de atención de la salud convencionales. proveedor de servicios de salud dirigido por pares persisten investigó las experiencias de las trabajadoras sexuales y con los servicios de salud, así como el sexo y lo que quería propios trabajadores.

Sex Workers Talk About Occupational Health in New York City

Sex workers are often talked about as facing high rates of violence, significant exposure to STIs, as well as work-related psychological stress. Yet even as sex workers are called ‘at risk’ by researchers and  health professionals, their health needs are unaddressed or unknown in many conventional health care settings. Peer-led health services provider Persist researched sex workers' experiences and with health services, as well as and what sex workers themselves wanted.

Support for Sex Workers as Occupational Support

This research investigates sex workers’ opinions on support services in Berlin, Germany. In Berlin, support services for sex workers range from financial, health and legal support to psychosocial counselling and support with issues of migration, etc. Most are carried out by social workers at NGOs targeted at sex workers. While some of these NGOs advocate for sex worker rights, many aim to ‘rescue’ sex workers and to abolish sex work. The researcher concludes there is a discrepancy between support services demand and supply. This article was published in Research for Sex Work 14: Sex Work is Work.

NSWP Members Highlighted by Bridging the Gaps in 2015 Report

NSWP is part of Bridging the Gaps – health and rights for key populations. Together with almost 100 local and international organisations Bridging the Gaps partners have united to reach one mission: achieving universal access to HIV/STI prevention, treatment, care and support for key populations, including sex workers, LGBT people and people who use drugs. Bridging the Gaps has published their 2015 Report, which summarises the activities of its funding recipients in the period from September 2011 to December 2015.