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Consolidated Guidelines On HIV Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment And Care For Key Populations

In this resource, the World Health Organisation (WHO) brings together all existing guidelines on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for five key populations (both adults and adolescents) in the HIV response: men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, people in prisons and other closed settings, sex workers and transgender people. It includes a number of new recommendations and updates existing guidance and recommendations as appropriate. The 8-page policy brief summarises the Consolidated Guidelines.

These guidelines aim to:

Asia and the Pacific Regional Report: Sex Workers Demonstrate Economic and Social Empowerment

This regional report explores economic empowerment programmes in Asia through case studies through nine case studies. It describes good practice examples of sex worker-led economic empowerment projects and the impact of forced rehabilitation programmes on the lives of sex workers. A summary of the regional reports regarding econoic empowerment is also available.

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Overcoming Practices that Limit Sex Worker Agency in the Asia Pacific Region

This paper discusses policies and programmes affecting sex workers that limit their economic empowerment. It aims to frame sex work in terms of labour migration, economics and empowering labour environments, rather than in terms of power, disease and immorality. A summary of this paper is also available.

In Southeast Asia, APNSW observed that sex workers frequently move to faraway lands to find more lucrative work and economic enhancement, but are greatly constrained by anti-trafficking policies framed by a belief that no woman will move willingly to work in sex work. Anti-trafficking laws are often used to limit free movement of women in sex work by raiding and ‘rescuing’ them. Though this is ostensibly done to help them escape traffickers, it is mainly used to ‘correct’ their behaviour.

Europe Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV Programming

The role of this report is to highlight the contribution of four sex worker-led organisations in developing and advancing an evidence-based and comprehensive response to HIV:
  • Tais Plus from Kyrgyzstan,
  • STAR STAR from Macedonia,
  • Rose Alliance from Sweden, and
  • Silver Rose from the Russian Federation. 
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Asia Pacific Regional Report: Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV Programming

This document summarises the process for conducting the documenting of good practices led by sex workers. Initiation, planning and delivery of work took place between June and December 2013. This documentation of good practices in HIV programming for sex workers includes access to treatment and other priority issues that need to be addressed in each region.
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Herramienta de Implementación para la Persona que Ejerce el Trabajo Sexual (SWIT)

La Herramienta de Implementación para la Persona que Ejerce el Trabajo Sexual (SWIT por sus siglas en inglés) ofrece consejos prácticos sobre la programación eficiente de VIH e ITS para las personas que ejercen el trabajo sexual. Comparte evidencias que respaldan la necesidad de despenalizar el trabajo sexual, involucrar a las personas que ejercen el trabajo sexual en el desarrollo de políticas y el empoderamiento y autodeterminación de comunidades que ejercen el trabajo sexual como un componente fundamental en la lucha contra el VIH.

Инструмента реализации программ для секс-работников (СВИТ, SWIT)

Инструмента реализации программ для секс-работников (СВИТ, SWIT)   является практическим руководством по проведению эффективных программ по ВИЧ и ИПП для секс-работников.  В нем содержатся доказательства того, что в рамках борьбы с ВИЧ необходимо декриминализовать секс-работу, вовлекать секс-работников в разработку политики, а также уделять внимание расширению возможностей сообществ секс-работников.  Документ был подготовлен с опорой на рекомендации в отношении ВИЧ и секс-работы, подготовленные в 2012 году совместными усилиями ВОЗ, ЮНФПА, ЮНЭЙДС и НСВП.  Пособие будет полезно секс-работника