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NSWP Statement on PEPFAR Releasing COP Guidance 2016 on World AIDS Day with Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath

PEPFAR released their Country Operational Plan (COP) Guidance for 2016 today in commemoration of World AIDS Day. NSWP is disappointed the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) will continue forcing donor recipients to sign the ‘anti-prostitution loyalty oath’.

NSWP will continue to oppose PEPFAR’s ‘anti-prostitution loyalty oath’ as it is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of sex workers globally. It also undermines the minimum standards of programming implementation and development outlined in the SWIT for low, middle, and high-income countries.



Краткое Пособие Для Секс-Работников: Глобальный Фонд

Руководство смарт секс-работников в Глобальный фонд нацелен на работников секс-бизнеса

Le Guide futé des travailleurSEs du sexe sur le Fonds mondial

Le Réseau mondial des Sex Work Projects (NSWP) lance 'Le Guide futé des travailleurSEs du sexe sur le Fonds mondial' lors du premier atelier du Fonds mondial qui aura lieu du 1er au 7 Août organisée à Nairobi, au Kenya. Ce premier atelier régional dans une série de 5 vise à renforcer la capacité des femmes, des travailleurs de sexe masculin et de sexe transgenres participer véritablement aux processus du Fonds mondial.

Guía útil: El Fondo Global

La guía útil Sexo del trabajador al Fondo Mundial está dirigido a los profesionales del sexo como una guía de referencia rápida para ayudar a los trabajadores del sexo a entender el Fondo Mundial y sus estructuras complejas. La guía es útil para las organizaciones de trabajadores sexuales que ya reciben financiación del Fondo Mundial, así como a aquellos que esperan recibir financiación del Fondo en el futuro.

The Smart Sex Worker's Guide to The Global Fund

The Smart Sex Worker's Guide to The Global Fund is aimed at sex workers as a quick reference guide to help sex workers understand the Global Fund and its complex structures. The guide is helpful to sex worker organisations who are already receiving funding from the Global Fund as well as to those who hope to receive funding from the Fund in the future.

The Global Fund at a Crossroads: Informing advocacy in human rights, support to middle-income countries, and access to medicines

In April 2015, the Open Society Foundations organised a meeting of experts and advocates concerned about the future of The Global Fund, particularly in the areas of preserving support to important programs in middle-income countries and the role of The Global Fund in supporting access to medicines. The two papers, presented at the meeting, discuss and critique The Global Fund's funding strategies. The meeting report summarises the conclusions of the meeting.

Global Fund Updates CCM Guidelines 2015: New opportunities for key population advocacy

This document provides information and practical guidance for civil society organizations and key population networks on the updated Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Eligibility Requirements which came into effect on January 1, 2015.

You can download this 11 page resource as a PDF above. This resource is in English.

Download this resource: