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Community Guide: Universal Health Coverage: Putting the Last Mile First

This resource is a Community Guide to the Briefing Paper: Universal Health Coverage: Putting the Last Mile First. It provides an overview of the full Briefing Paper and provides key recommendations for international human rights and health bodies, national governments, and sex worker-led organisations.

You can download this 4-page Community Guide above. It is now available in English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese.

Briefing Paper: Universal Health Coverage: Putting the Last Mile First

Universal Health Coverage speaks to the global goal of providing all people with the health care they need without creating undue financial burdens on the individual. In many parts of the world, health provision and access to health services remains extremely poor, particularly for criminalised and marginalised populations such as sex workers and other key populations.

Impact of COVID-19 on Sex Workers in Europe

In April 2020, NSWP launched a global survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on sex workers. The survey received, thus far, a total of 156 responses from 55 different countries out of which 43 responses were from 17 countries – Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, North Macedonia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom – in the Europe region.

Impact of COVID-19 on Sex Workers in Asia and the Pacific

In April 2020, NSWP launched a global survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on sex workers. To date, the survey has received 156 responses from 55 different countries. 18 of these responses were from 11 countries – Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam – in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Reconsidering Primary Prevention of HIV - New Steps Forward in the Global Response HIV Response

MSMGF, NSWP, INPUD, GATE, IRTG, GNP+ and ICW published this resource which concludes with a call to action for renewed commitment to HIV primary prevention strategies that are proactive, address upstream factors, and re-center communities most impacted by HIV. The resource and call to action pushes for HIV and other sexual health services that are led by or done with the community.

Expansión de la Ley Mordaza Global de EEUU

Esta nota informativa de la NSWP comparte información sobre la reinstauración y la expansión de la Ley Mordaza Global de Estados Unidos, una política que prohíbe la entrega de ciertos tipos de fondos de salud de EEUU a organizaciones fuera de EEUU que realicen abortos, compartan información sobre los mismos o que promuevan la legalización del aborto.

Pасширяют действие правила глобального кляпа

В данной информационной записке НСВП содержатся справочные сведения о возвращении США к правилу глобального кляпа, в соответствии с которым запрещено выделять некоторые виды финансирования из бюджета США на охрану международного здоровья неамериканским организациям, проводящим аборты, распространяющим сведения об абортах или добивающимся легализации абортов.

L’élargissement de la « règle du bâillon mondial » des États-Unis

Cette note d’information de NSWP apporte des informations concernant la restauration et l’élargissement par les États-Unis de la « règle du bâillon mondial » : cette politique interdit d’attribuer aux organisations non américaines qui pratiquent l’avortement, informent activement le public ou promeuvent la légalisation de l’avortement certaines subventions pour l’aide internationale au développement pour la santé.

US Global Gag Rule Expansion

This NSWP briefing note provides information about the United States’ reinstatement and expansion of the Global Gag Rule, a policy that bans awarding certain forms of US global health funds to Non-US organisations that perform, actively give information about, or promote the legalisation of abortion.