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EU Migrant Sex Work in the UK Post-Referendum

NSWP member organisation the English Collective of Prostitutes and Dr Laura Connelly from the University of Salford have published new research that looks at EU Migrant Sex Work in the UK Post-Referendum.  

The research, conducted in 2019, shows that violence, xenophobia and threats of deportation against migrant sex workers from the European Union have risen since the EU Referendum.

Key findings from the research include:

DRC sex workers demand greater protection during COVID-19 pandemic

HODSAS (Homme Pour le Droit et La Sante Sexuelle) have released a statement denouncing an increase in harassment in DRC, and highlighting the disproportionate costs of COVID-19 tests at the borders of DRC-Rwanda, and DRC-Burundi.

Safeguarding the human rights and dignity of undocumented migrant sex workers

This paper by PICUM discusses the impact of criminalisation on the human rights and dignity of undocumented migrant sex workers in Europe. It outlines the main legal frameworks affecting sex workers, and highlights how these intersect with other frameworks criminalising migrants in Europe.

Behind the Rescue: How Anti-Trafficking Investigations and Policies Harm Migrant Sex Workers

Behind the Rescue: How Anti-Trafficking Investigations and Policies Harm Migrant Sex Workers is a report produced by Butterfly (Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network), featuring the testimony of 18 Asian migrant sex workers, who contacted Butterfly when they were arrested, detained, and/or deported between May 2015 and August 2016 in Canada.

Download this resource: 


本文件是《简报:移徙 性工作者》的配套社群指南。指南概述了简报全文,并为政策制定者和医疗服务机构提供了重要建议。





  • 国际人权法律背景下的移徙性工作
  • 移徙与性工作的国际视角
  • -制度性不平等
  • -权利障碍
  • -服务可及性
  • 关于医疗服务的考虑
  • 结论与建议