Nordic Model

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Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center issue statement on prohibitionist ‘Nordic Model’ legislation in New York

NSWP member organisation the Sex Workers Project (SWP) of the Urban Justice Center (UJC) provides legal advocacy to survivors of human trafficking and people who engage in sex work. They engage in advocacy, education, and organising to build a movement to protect the human rights of sex workers.

The Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center have issued a statement opposing the harmful “sex trade survivors justice and equality act”, a new bill introduced to state senate in January.

Vingt années néfastes pour les travailleurSEs du sexe – Le #ModèleSuédois vu par Fuckförbundet

Lors de la première conférence internationale sur les droits des travailleur·se·s du sexe ayant lieu en Suède fin septembre 2019, Fuckförbundet a publié un rapport d’impact très documenté sur la loi suédoise pénalisant l’achat de services sexuels en vigueur depuis 1999.

Infographic: The Human Rights Violations Behind ‘End Demand’ Laws

Produced by NSWP and International Women’s Right Actions Watch Asia Pacific, this series of infographics, compiled in PDF format, aims to raise public awareness about the deeply negative impact of ‘End Demand’ laws on the human rights of sex workers, and to encourage collective action to demand State accountability for violations of sex workers’ rights.

This resource is available in English.

First international sex worker conference in Sweden discusses impact of the Nordic Model

Swedish sex worker organisation Fuckförbundet has held the first sex worker-organised international conference in the country following the introduction of client criminalisation in 1999. Between 28th and 30th September, more than 80 sex workers joined the conference – Sex Work, Human Rights and Health: Assessing 20 Years of Swedish Model – in Stockholm.

Twenty Years Of Failing Sex Workers: A community report on the impact of the 1999 Swedish Sex Purchase Act

Fuckförbundet launched a new report - "20 Years Of Failing Sex Workers" - as part of their 2019 conference "Sex Work, Human Rights And Health: Assessing 20 Years Of Swedish Model". It brings together available evidence from sex workers on the impact of the law. Contents include:

New analysis of Nordic Model in Republic of Ireland leads for calls to change police policy

An Irish campaign group is calling for changes to police policy following the results of a new study, which shows that more than 150 sex workers have been prosecuted under brothel keeping laws over the last ten years. The same study showed that almost all of those convicted under brothel keeping laws are migrant women, and that in 90% of the cases, those involved were ‘named and shamed’ in the media.