street-based sex work

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"Sexelance" Van Available in Denmark for Street-Based Sex Work

Michael Lodberg Olsen has launched Sexelance, a project that makes street-based sex work more safe. Sexelance is an ambulance car that can be used by street-based sex workers to see clients. Inside the car there are banners saying that the volunteers will call the police if there are signs of violence. The banners also encourage sex workers to inform the authorities if they are victims of trafficking.

A Coalition of Sex Work Organisations in Quito, Ecuador Resist Displacement from the City

Quito has many organisations of sex workers, including "Por un Futuro Mejor" association with 280 members, "Esperanza Futuro" with more than 60 members, and "1° de Mayo" with more than 60 partners. In April they created a coalition to engage in dialogue with national and municipal authorities. The municipality has proposed to displace sex workers outside of the city, including the Cantera brothel in the historic district of Quito. The municipality would like to move sex workers from outdoor and visible locations into indoor and private locations.

Remembering Bedford: les Impacts de la Criminalisation du Travail du Sexe de Rue

Remembering Bedford est un résumé de la recherche de Arlene Jane Pitt avec 6 travailleuses du sexe de rue à Toronto, Canada. Elle montre comment les travailleuses du sexe de la rue démontrent la résistance et la résilience face aux lois oppressives au Canada. Elle montre les effets de la criminalisation et la façon dont les travailleuses du sexe utulisatrices des drogues doivent parfois compter sur leurs trafiquants de drogue pour leur sécurité.

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Remembering Bedford: Impacts of Criminalisation of Street-Based Sex Work

Remembering Bedford is a summary of Arlene Jane Pitt’s research with 6 street-based sex workers in Toronto, Canada. She shows how street-based sex workers demonstrate resistance and resilience in the face of oppressive laws in Canada. She shows the impacts of criminalisation and how sex workers who use drugs sometimes need to rely on their drug dealers for safety. This article was published as a part of Research for Sex Work 15: Resistance and Resilience.

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Sex Worker Faces Jail Sentence After Being Filmed by Drone

An Oklahoma sex worker has pleaded guilty to charges after being caught on camera by a vigilante’s drone camera. NSWP has chosen not to reproduce the sex worker’s name to reduce the harm of media visibility in her case. She has been sentenced to one year in state prison for the misdemeanor charge. Her alleged client’s case remains pending.

An Oklahoma City resident has made it his personal mission to surveil sex workers and post the footage on his website and YouTube Channel. In this case, he also sent the footage to the police.