Human Rights

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CEDAW Shadow Report Russia

In 2015, NSWP member Silver Rose submitted this shadow report to the CEDAW committee review of the Russian Federation.  The shadow report is based on information collected by Silver Rose during their day-to-day work with sex workers in St. Petersburg, Silver Rose documentation of human rights abuses, and analysis of media representations across Russia.

CEDAW Report Netherlands: Unfinished Business - Women’s Rights in The Netherlands

NSWP members, including TAMPEP, SOA Aids Nederland and PROUD, contributed to this shadow report by Dutch NGOs and CSOs submitted to the 65th CEDAW session. This shadow report documents a wide range human rights violations affecting women in the Netherlands, including transgender sex workers.

CEDAW Shadow Report on Canada

The Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform and Pivot Legal submitted this shadow report to the 65th CEDAW session. This shadow report documents the human rights violations affecting Canadian sex workers since the passage of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, which criminalises sex workers, clients, third parties, advertising websites, and made modifications to migration regulations. 

CEDAW Shadow Report by the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland

The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI) submitted this shadow report to to the 66th CEDAW Session on Ireland. The report focuses on the harms of The Sexual Offences Bill, passed at the beginning of 2017, which criminalises the purchase of sexual services and increase the penalties for indoor sex workers. NSWP has previously reported on this bill and SWAI’s organizing efforts against the bill.

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CEDAW Shadow Report on the Situation of Women who use Drugs, Women Living with HIV, Sex Workers, and Lesbian, Bisexual Women and Transgender People in Ukraine

NSWP Member Legalife-Ukraine, in collaboration with civil society organisations representing women drug users, LGBT communities, and women living with HIV in Ukraine, submitted this shadow report to to the 66th CEDAW Session. The shadow report documents discrimination against these communities by police, medical, and social service institutions. It also documents legal discrimination.

CEDAW Shadow Report on Germany and New German Sex Work Legislation

Sex Worker Forum-AT has submitted this shadow report to the Committee to End All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) sixty-sixth session on Germany. The shadow report specifically addresses how Germany’s new sex work legislation, known as the “Prostituiertenschutzgesetz” will hurt sex workers from a gender equality perspective. Germany’s new federal law will come into effect 1 July 2017. It has been criticised by NSWP member Hydra, including in their article in Research for Sex Work 14.

Guia Comunitaria: Personas Jóvenes que Ejercen Trabajo Sexual

Esto recurso es una Guía Comunitaria al informe de políticas sobre Personas Jóvenes que Ejercen Trabajo Sexual. El  informe de políticas resume las investigaciones sobre personas jóvenes que venden sexo, incluidas tanto personas menores de 18 años que venden sexo y personas trabajadoras sexuales con edades comprendidas entre los 18 y los 29 años. Lo que claramente se demuestra es que la discriminación sistemática, el estigma y la criminalización experimentadas por las personas jóvenes que venden sexo aumenta su vulnerabilidad frente al VIH.

РУКОВОДСТВО ДЛЯ СООБЩЕСТВА: Молодые секс-работники

Данный материал представляет собой пособие для сообщества по аналитической записке "Молодые секс-работники".  В аналитической записке описывается опыт секс-работников, которые предоставляют секс-услуги (включая тех, кому еще нет 18, так людей и в возрасте 18-29 лет).  В ней ясно показано, что системная дискриминация, стигма и уголовное преследование усиливают уязвимость молодых людей, предоставляющих секс-услуги, к ВИЧ.