Bolzano, Italy, a Public Letter Against Arrests

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13 Dec

According to the Associated Press, sex workers in Bolzano circulated a petition protesting the arrests of 20 hotel keepers accused of ‘encouraging prostitution’. ‘No one will rent us a room now,’ one complained.

The group of sex workers wrote a letter to the Italian prime minister, the pope and regional authorities, printed in full length by the local newspapers. The women protested against a pre-planned raid and the closure of hotels under the pretense of ‘clamping down on “pimping”’.

The sex workers wrote:

This action has caused us severe difficulties. Because we are prostitutes it is difficult for us to rent apartments, thus we often have to spend the nights in hotels. But now, no hotel owner will allow us in. We also don't get other jobs – for the same reason. They put our kids in children houses; where they are discriminated against because of us. We have no health supply and many of us are sick or get murdered. This modest society, which complains about us constantly, is worse than we are: One only has to confront the fact that on each 27th of the month we earn our money mainly from state employees.

We surely don't find our work agreeable, we would rather be able to stay at home in the evenings, but if we didn't exist, how many children would be victims of rape or murder, in order to satisfy certain dirty desires.